PicsArt MOD APK (v25.3.2)Download [Unlocked Gold Premium] 2024

Picsart Mod Apk is the photo and video editor for android and ios. You can edit your photos and videos with a professional look. If you are a photographer, social influencer or graphic desinger  this application is very helpful to make your photos more beautiful that everyone likes so much.

NamePicsArt MOD APK
UpdatedUpdated 2 Hours Ago
Compatible withAndroid 6.0 and up
APK VersionVersion v25.3.2
File Size80 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked/No Watermark
DeveloperPicsArt, Inc.
picsart mod apk

To keep up with the current trend, young people will want to edit their photos  with different colors and picsart will help them to make perfect  photos according to their wishes.

 In this article , we will take you  through the various features and functionalities of the picsart mod apk. It can help you unleash your inner artist.

It is a multifaceted photo and video editing application with a wide range of editing tools and inspired by their artistic creation. Additionally, it also boasts a vibrant community of creators who share their work and explore your imagination.

This app’s built- in social sharing features allow users to easily publish their popular photos in social media platforms like instagram, facebook and snapchat. Picsart continues to inspire and connect millions of users around the world.

Using this app there are lots of features to enhance your photo. Here step by step guidance how to use this application:

Picsart Mod APK
  • Download and install the app: First you download the picsart app from your phone app store.
  • Open Picsart app: Then open the app and explore its features and find options for photo editing.
  • Initiate a new project: Then click the” +” icon and select a photo from your gallery or take a picture from your camera.
Picsart Mod APK
  • Edit or build: According to your choice, start editing your photo like making collage, drawing ,smooth skin and glitch.
  • Explore tools: Picsart suggests a vast range of tools like filters, effects stickers and more. Explore these tools and optimize your photo like a professional look.
  • Save and share: Once you complete your editing then save this project to gallery or directly share with your social media accounts like facebook or instagram.
Picsart Mod APK
  • Discover or grasp : Keep discovering the picsArt  features and exploring with different techniques to improve your skills and create more stunning content.
  • All -Round AI Photo & Video Editor
Picsart Mod APK

The main and very versatile feature of the picsart  is the photos editor. In this feature we use the filters for pictures with different effects to create a very extraordinary look to your photos. Use the background eraser and replace it with a unique and marvelous background  and also add stickers to our pictures and create your own stickers.

The second or very expectional feature of picsart is video editing. In this feature we can create or edit videos with music to take your video to the next level and also add music on your videos with slideshow. Crop your video clips to the perfect dimension or trim your videos to create an extraordinary look.

  • Refine Poor Quality Images

Picsart also has this amazing feature to refine our poor quality or low quality images. This process generally includes brightness, color saturation and contrast to compensate for any fuzziness present in the original image. Advanced editing tools reduce the noise and refine edges resulting in a very attractive image.

  • AI can transform text into art
Picsart Mod APK

A hidden treasure is the choice of “Text to art.” Using AI to transform plain text, you can create artwork with a variety of fonts, styles, and effects that you can customize to make it look good. Add text overlays to your pictures or make eye-catching text base art work design.

  • Design your own AI avatar
Picsart Mod APK

Do you want to make a name for yourself? No problem! PicsArt likewise has something for you. Create AI avatars that represent your individual style.  The fact that it lets users personalize facial features, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories to formulate digital graphics.a

  • Collage maker
Picsart Mod APK

In picsart collage maker feature allows the user to combine multiple photos into a single creation with several modification choices .Choose a variety of templates to organize your photo into collage to give the enthusiastic look. Photo effects and filters

  • Remove background
Picsart Mod APK

Picsart introduced us with this amazing feature that helps us to easily remove background from the image. This feature is specifically useful for creating transparent backgrounds for collage or design purposes and this feature results in a clean and professional looking cutout.

  • Refine & craft videos
Picsart Mod APK

This is an amazing feature of the picsart application. This feature helps us to elevate our videos to provide users with a friendly interface and a vast range of editing tools that can easily trim, cut, merge and arrange video clips. These features offer the option to add filters, effects, text and music to give us enthusiastic look at our videos.

  • Merge text with image
Picsart Mod APK

In picsart, “add text” allows the user to gracefully text in our images , enhancing them with personalized messages, captions with a broad range of fonts, styles, sizes and color to express our creativity and our images to look like a professional look. Users can rotate, resize text and position to accomplish the visual impact. You can easily create content directly from your mobile appliance.

  • Apply artistic filters
Picsart Mod APK

How fanatics! All of the popular and beautiful filters are in one location. PicsArt offers in excess of 500 filters. It provides AI-powered effects that transform images into stylized art, black-and-white filters that give images a dramatic edge, and blur effects that focus on the most important thing or add a quick touch.

In addition, with minimal effects, you can maintain a soft, natural appearance in your photos. Therefore, without further applying a variety of artistic filters to your videos and photos to instantly turn them into distinctive art works. Your content will undoubtedly benefit from the creative input of these AI filters.

  • Make an image using text, filters, and templates
Picsart Mod APK

This one-step application joins text, channels, and formats to create fantastic pictures. Look over a different choice of formats and up your web-based entertainment game. With modifying options, you can help your business and make it interesting to autonomous tasks.

  • Produce and exchange visuals in photos 32

With the assistance of AI you can produce and supplant components inside your photos. With this development, you can use your imagination. In point of fact, it won’t be a big deal any more to give images creative twists. 

  • Erase undesired items
Picsart Mod APK

Picsart has this amazing feature to “erase undesired items” in this feature users can accomplish a cleaner, more professional look to our photos. This can easily erase unwanted objects  from our images to make our image perfect for both casual and professional look.

  • Fast and simple layout templates
Picsart Mod APK

PicsArt is a work of art in video editing tools  with  its unbelievable features. One of the stands apart factors is its vast library of prepared-to-involve layouts for various classifications, personal, marketing, business, and social media are all included. Every classification has subcategories that offer many adjustable plans. These formats smooth out the plan cycle, saving time and exertion

  • Drawing tools

In pics art the drawing tool helps us to create digital art directly within the app. This can provide brushes, pencils, pens and several artistic tools to paint on our images. This tool also helps us to option for modifying and blending modes and colour to enhance our photo’s versatile look.

There is no doubt there are many amazing and unique factors that is very commendable for the users to help them in a very unique way and some are advantages why we select the picsart:

picsart Versatility


PicsArt provides our wide range of tools and features  for the users including layers, blending modes and brushes. This versatility feature helps the users to edit their photos at an advanced level.

picsart User friendly interface

User friendly interface

picsart Creative community

Creative community

Picsart has this amazing feature that attracts the user and users can use this application. Engaging with this community can provide inspiration, feedback and potential for manual assistance.

picsart GIF composer

GIF composer

A very versatile element of the picsArt is GIF composer. Using this tool the user can convert their photos into GIF files without any effort. Whether if you can make animated or funny GIFs you can also make this from this app.

picsart Image ratio

Image ratio

In picsart, image ratio is the balanced relationship between the width and height of the image. When the user selects the image ratio they can verify the reliability to adjust their creations to fit particular requirements for the social media post in a unique way.

picsart Community and social circulation

Community and social circulation

In picsart, social sharing is a collaborative sharing where the user can interact with and allocate their creations to interact with a vibrant community. This feature allows the user to share their work directly to social media accounts like tiktok, instagram or facebook.

Furthermore, picsArt gives you very unique and versatile templates to recreate your photos and videos for social media in a very marvelous look. here some are the templates.

  • Web content

In picsArt, web sharing is a very ordinary venue where the user can craft or share over  various social media sites. Picsart is developed to help the users to generate social media content that connect with their audience.

It can provide to users tools and features  like effects, text and overlay and creating eye-catching content for their social media medium.

  • Commercial content

In picsart, commercial content  refers to the user to support their sales activities and brand publicity. The user creates social media posts, infographics and other marketing assets.

The user can craft their content by using tools, templates and filters for a professional look  that aligns with their promotion strategies. Picsart assists as a versatile spot for producing market content that can fascinate the audience and communicate information to various electronic platforms.

  • Hash mark

In picsart, hash mark is exclusive feature that helps classify the content when you add the hash mark to our creation title that add your hash mark to more overarching community like #graphics design, #instaArt, #creative these hash marks are trending and help the users.

Aside from this, users can discover different hash marks like insta fashion, beauty hacks, camera and so on each one has thousand hash marks for our business. Saying this without any uncertainty that picsArt is a shortcut way to advertising.

  • Designers

In picsart, the individuals can express their creativity through photo editing, digital art and other forms. Picsart is a site where users can highlight their talents ,artwork to the entire community.

picsArt  brings their imagination to life and expresses them in an infinite way.

  • Gaming streams

Gaming is a very interesting feature in the picsArt in which users can explore a world of creative gaming streaming that dive into a radiant population where gamers share their impressive screenshots and fun art.

picsArt explores popular games categories like gaming thumbnails and banners that have everything that users need to reach the next level. 

  • Printable and private materials

picsArt is not just an electronic media, it also identifies a fortune collection of printable and private materials. The user can create customized designs , personal artwork and print ready templates to tangle their creations in the modern world.

While PicsArt Premium version requires payment, the monthly fee is quite reasonable. The Gold version is priced at $5, while the Team version costs $7 per month. Below are the details of the premium APK benefits offered to users.

There are lots of unique features which the picsart mod apk is extremely downloaded and innovative, so you can easily edit your photo, videos to the next level to achieve high quality results of your work . Some of the unique features of the picsart mod apk here are complete details. Let’s read on!

  • Logo free ediditing

In this latest version of picsart, that allows the user to edit images without any watermark automatically added to their creation. This is important to consider the potential security risks.

  • Free upgrade features

This is the most versatile feature in the picsart mod apk where the premium feature is available for the users who can not spend lots of time on adding lots of filters on their photos  and users enjoy all premium filters without any restricted access.

  • Infinite modification

Picsart mod apk has this unique feature that enhances the capabilities such as add free editing and the premium features without any restriction.

  • Add free browsing

In picsart the user can enjoy all the editing tools without any advertisiment and dive into creative process continuous unbound access and spark.

  • Unlocked unique charmed effects

This is a very effective feature in which the user gets access to a personally selected collections mystical transition allowing the user to infuse their images with captitive and charm their audience.

  • Premium approach access

This feature empowered your creativity to a new height and transferred your photo into a masterpiece and this gives stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd.

  • Upgrade photo montage

Enhance your photo montages to new heights in the upgraded feature of the picsart .This can transfer your photo into stunning visual layout and unleash your creativity to craft and turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary photos.

Picsart mod apk is very easy to install in your android.we can guide you step by step how to install picsart mod apk:

Step 1: go to your device setting and enable installation

Step 2: Then install app from your google play store

Step 3:  following that download the picsart mod apk file to your android device.

picsart mod apk

Step 4:  Afterwards open the app  and grant permission for the app to access.

Step 5:  next explore the features of the app and customize your photo editing on your android phone.

picsart mod apk

You can install official version of picsart from your app store but if to install the the Picsart for IOS the follow the following steps:

Click the link that is given here to download the PicArt IOS file.

Step 1: Then wait for few seconds to download this file

Step 2: Click the general setting  and click on the profile and device management option.

Step 3: Enter the picsart for IOS file and then install the app

Step 4: Explore the features and enjoy your editing.

To install a mod apk like picsart apk on a pc you need to android simulation software to install the picsart mod apk in your pc as well install in Chroombook.

There are many android simulation software, some are given here:

  • Bluestacks
  • Noxplayer
  • App player

Once you install the android simulation software then follow these steps to install the mod apk in your pc

Step 1: Install the mod apk file by clicking the link here.

Step 2: Open the android simulation software, it will open the android into your pc.

Step 3: Then wait for the installation and you can see the picsart mod apk icon.

Step 4: After installation you can open the file and edit or explore all the features and enjoy it.

To download picsart apk in macbook follow the given steps:

Step 1: Download the android simulation software.

Step 2: Download the picsart apk file to your macbook.

Step 3: Install apk option at the bottom and click installation.

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds to installation. when installation is complete then you can see the my apps section click it.

Step 5: Open the app and enjoy the features.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I really love it. Picsart is a versatile app that’s fantastic for photo editing, creating collages, and even desiging. its extensive array of filters, tools, and effect offer creative freedom. However, the interface might feel overwhelming at first due to its vast option. Overall, it’s great for both beginners and experienced users looking to enhance their photos or explore their artistic side.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’ve used the new version of this app on a daily basis for a decade. It’s worth every penny. I’ve tried dozen of others editors over the years, butt i always end up deleting it after a few days because it’s missing feature i love w/picsart. The only place for improvement might be radial, linear, or brush making for light/saturation and layers.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
PicsArt is one of the easiest and most flexible picture editing and art apps I’ve ever used. Just two drawbacks: the version i use on google chrome isn’t nearly as smooth to work with, and even in my phone, each layer is only allowed 10 objects, and then if you wanna go back and edit a previously finished layer, all your progress gets lost.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
The best mobile graphic design app. It’s been my go-to for over a decade. I like it better than adobe. For mobile that is. for desktop, photoshop is ahead by a mile, but i dont think that’s Picsart’s demographic. Glod is worth it if you use it as much as i do, and i am glad to pay it beacause they are always updating and adding new feature and option.

Current Version 25.3.2

  • New AI Portrait Tools for Background Blur, Portrait Sketch, and Portrait Colorization.
  • Text Effects, including Glitch Text, Neon Text, and Bubble Text
  • Stickers and Overlays, including Animated Stickers, 3D Stickers, and Neon Overlays
  • Bugs are fixed and offer improved performance.

Version 25.2.1

  • New AI Effects, including AI Cartoonizer, AI Background Eraser, and AI Clone Tool.
  • Sticker Maker tool to create your custom stickers.
  • Drawing Tools, including Shape Brushes, Texture Brushes, and Gradient Brushes
  • Bugs and glitches are fixed

Version 25.1.4

  • Text Effects, including Metallic Text, Hologram Text, and Rainbow Text
  • Filters and Effects, including Glitch Effect, Prisma Effect, and Dispersion Effect
  • Performance improves

Version 25.1.3

  • AI Tools, including AI Portrait Segmentation, AI Background Replacement, and AI Style Transfer
  • Drawing Tools, including Vector Brushes, Calligraphy Brushes, and Perspective Grid
  • Bug fixes

The Picsart Mod APK file is regularly updated to include new editing options and features. Where new elements really give editing adaptability and soothing to users, a few old functions and tools get taken off totally from the Picsart application. Additionally, a few frameworks just help Picsart APK’s old forms. Thus, we have given the last 5 Mod APK versions of Picsart Gold APK so you can download it any time with a solo capture.

These are common faults when we use this application:

  • The app is cracked due to an outdated version.
  • The app runs slow when you edit large files.
  • Users may find  graphical glitches while editing images.
  • Watermark not being removed properly.
  • Not enough RAM on this device
  • App cache is full
  • Weak internet connection

If you find any error or faults then you can try the following steps:

  • Check the update
  • Restart the application/device
  • Clear the cache
  • Check the permissions
  • Reinstall the app
  • Contact the support team
  • Picture resizing and modifying.
  • Various background options.
  • Gridline camera application.
  • AI background Output.
  • Latest  FX Impacts.
  • Change Skin Tone.
  • Increment eye size.
  • More  detail for pictures and recordings.
  • Make new stickers.
  • AI Stickers.
  • Duplicate/paste highlight in video editing.
  • Trim choice in video.
  • Add text, photographs and music.
  • Add more layers with a picture cutout..
  • Focal point streak choices.
  • New approaches remembered for most recent opened version.
  • Call-out buttons presented in the application.
  • Drawing and outlining choices.
  • Committed Virtual entertainment local area.
  • Simulated AI GIF Generator.
  • Cluster Manager in PicsArt.
  • Remixing Device.
  • Celebrity Admittance to Premium resources.
  • Edit  with Replay.
  • Obscure background.
  • Logo Creation.
  • Composition Producer.
  • Clipart Choice, and numerous more..
  • No watermark.
  • Enhance sharing option.
  • Add free experiences.

There are many alternatives to the picsart here, some are explored here!

picsart mod apk canva


Canva is a multi functional graphic design and content creation tool that enriches users to design and produce a vast range of visual content. Initially known for its graphic design features, Canva has been enhanced to encircle a extensive series of design and content creation capacities.

 It provides users, including beginners and professionals, with a spontaneous platform to create stunning designs, documents, social media content, marketing materials, and much more. 

Canva offers a lot of pre-built graphic features that you can insert in images and edit, but many of its assests , including background removal, require a subscription plan.



If you’re looking for more filters and effects, pixlr is a good choice. Like picsart, pixlr also provides many filters and overlays. you can combine multiple effects together and get an image according to your choice.

Besides filters, you can also create collage focal blur to enhance your images with colour splash. And basic photo editing tools to such as crop, rotate etc

Adobe photoshop:

Adobe photoshop

Adobe photoshop and picsart have similarities in the sense that they both are photo editors and help the user to change their photo looks according to their choice.

When we talk about Adobe photoshop , they are simply meant for experienced professionals who require advanced or latest tools. 

Users simply have to visit their site ,upload images and take it pretty.



Photopea might remind you of photoshop as its UL is similar to them. It offers a wide range of professional grade editing tools and more photopea supports a variety of file formats, making it a versatile choice for the user who can work with different types of images. It provides a powerful editing experience similar to photoshop but in a web based environment. 

Picsart simplifies the editing process providing intuitive control templates for enhancing images, creating collages and adding artistic  touches and allows the user to edit photos on the go using their mobile devices.



Snapseed stands out as a powerful tool that empowers users to transfer their images with ease.

If you’re looking for powerful and easy to use photo editing. Exclusive to PicsArt is Snapseed empowers you to transfer your images and unleash your creativity and look your images into stunning views.



Fotor is all about the filters and effects. Apart from the basic editing tools you get numerous scenes and effects to apply on your images. 

The app also adds borders and text. It supports tilt shift mode with the ability to choose the intensity of blur.

While the app does not support brushes and blank canvas like picsart it is good choice if you want to apply instagram like filters to your images.



GIMP is well known and highly often considered the best free photoshop alternative.

The editor is open source and developed by a dedicated community around the world. It has all the same features you can find in professional paid programs like vector tools.

You can add plenty of more advanced features with free plugins, like printing for RAW photo editing.

All Steps Of Picsart Pro APK:

picsart mod apk

Step 1: Download the most recent version of Picsart pro apk from the download segment. Additionally, you can also download older Picsart mods.

Step 2: When you click ‘download’, you will be moved to the upcoming page. Here, pick your ideal MOD APK version.

Step 3: The setup procedure will be started when you click on the download button. Permit the download to finish. Check the phone settings to see if the “Allow Unknown Source” option has been turned on (Settings > Apps Manager > Privacy > Allow Unknown Source).

picsart mod apk

Step 4: Identify the MOD APK document in your downloads wallet and select on the downloaded record.

Step 5: A floating window will open requesting that you download the APK document. Select the “Install” option.

Step 6: Congrats! The PicsArt Gold MOD APK version was successfully installed. You can now use the app’s unlocked gold features to create stunning images.

On the off chance that you are as yet confronting issues downloading the pro APK of PicsArt, watch this YouTube demonstration below and explore the Gold features.


  • User friendly interference
  • Wide range of editing tools
  • Creative community
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • App is available
  • Advance collage maker
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Learning opportunity
  • Text overlaying
  • Extensive collection of filters and effects
  • Background remover


  • Limited free images and templates
  • Limited video related element
  • sus
  • Advertisement
  • Learning curve
  • Storage space
  • Privacy concerns
  • Community standard
  • Platform dependence
  • Large app size takes up storage
picsart mod apk

Finals words

To cut the PicsArt Gold aide short, the modified version offers access to all that without charges. Without a doubt, it is one of the most incredible video editors and comes with a lot of exceptional features yet most are paid. The editor is made more exciting by the fact that the modified version has everything unlocked as well as some additional features.
In this comprehensive, we discuss all of the APP’s features, mods, downloading process, benefits and drawbacks, and alternatives. Now for the fun part! Raise a hub around town and download the Application to encounter all the remarkable content of PicsArt Mod APK. Do you have any direction? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

PicsArt is a powerful and adaptable app that gives users the tools they need to create stunning visual content and let their creativity run wild.

Yes, PicsArt provides a limited number of stickers, filters, and other content in a free version of its app that includes basic editing tools. Nonetheless, a few highlights and content might be restricted or require a membership to open.

At the point when you use PicsArt to alter a photograph, the application saves the altered rendition of the photos independently from the first. You can decide to save the altered photograph to your device 

What features does picsart offer?

Yes,  you can share your edited photos from PicsArt directly to different social entertainment platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and then some

Yes, users of PicsArt can learn how to use the app’s features and create a variety of edits by watching a number of tutorials.

Yes, users of PicsArt can learn how to use the app’s features and create a variety of edits by watching a number of tutorials.

Yes, users of PicsArt can learn how to use the app’s features and create a variety of edits by watching a number of tutorials.

Yes, users of PicsArt can learn how to use the app’s features and create a variety of edits by watching a number of tutorials.

Yes, users of PicsArt can learn how to use the app’s features and create a variety of edits by watching a number of tutorials.

Yes, users of PicsArt can learn how to use the app’s features and create a variety of edits by watching a number of tutorials.


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